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Hi, my name is Curt Crowley, but my friends call me "The Niffler." 

A Niffler is a cute little creature from the movie "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" that loves to find precious items. 

A friend gave me that name because he said that I can take two ordinary products and combine them into something even more valuable.

A little while ago, I promoted a product called MetaDomainer, which is a Wordpress Plugin. The product was already great, however I knew I could make it even better by creating what I call "Companion-ware". 

Companion-ware is software or apps that improve other content or services by adding extra features, tools, or information. For example, a Companion-ware app might include interactive elements, extra resources, better accessibility, or training.

With MetaDomainer, I added some YouTube videos for training and a few other links to my Companion-ware app.

 I used that Companion-ware as my exclusive bonus and sold 250+ units. I won the Affiliate Promotion Contest and earned over $5,000 in sales and prizes.  

Not bad for a little bit of work.

This is why I know Snapifier can work for you...

wi​th tools you already use

We know how important compatibility with tools you already use in your business, we work with all these tools and many many more!

Building digital products that people want.

Snapifier revolutionizes the way you connect with your audience by turning any web content into engaging, cross-platform apps. With Snapifier, you can integrate various content sources—blogs, Etsy and Shopify stores, YouTube channels, and even GPT-driven material—into a cohesive app experience, all without writing a single line of code.

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